Verónica Pascual

ASTI, have chosen the region of Alsacia to establish their first subsidiary in Europe. This French region provides the best expanding opportunities, toward both German and Swish markets in addition to the relevant local industry.

The 4.0 industry offers ASTI as expert in technologies to optimize production through technology implantation, a vast range of opportunities with local industries and a way to centre Europe.

Thanks to the Agence d’Attractivité de l’Alsace (AAA) the implantation in the region has been extremely easy and perceived as the natural way to proceed. The assistance with regulatory procedures and the networking with the local businesses are going to make possible the aperture of this delegation in September.

ASTI CEO, Verónica Pascual, declares “it is a great opportunity to get positioned in a growing market with a relevant bet in technology”. Actually ASTI has installed more than 800 AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) in the region. These vehicles have been implemented to automate the internal logistics is companies such as: PSA, Faurecia, Renault Trucks, Grupo Aoste o Gefco.