Mission Regensburg

The access Alsace and the Regensburg Business Development GmbH, took the decision to work from now on together on projects, based on the agreement of collaboration. Three main aspects will be focused on and will play an important role in the process of collaboration between these two companies.

  • Smart Mobility / Electromobility
  • Life sciences and biotechnology
  • IT security / IT logistics / digitalization

The cooperation is aiming to strengthen both economic areas and is based on the requisition of creating the atmosphere for trustful co-working.

From now on, both companies agreed on coordinating their tasks and projects from assuring and improving their position and status as the first contact for companies which want to settle in one of the both regions. Companies which wish to establish themselves in Regensburg will profit from especially attractive offers, the same will apply for the reverse case and companies which want to relocate in Alsace will be able to benefit in the same way. Following the example and values of Europe, the two mentioned companies will connect and link closer in the referred aspect and will stimulate the cooperation on the member level. Mutually the companies aspire the elaboration of European projects as equal partners.

Our team from Access Alsace will be there and keen on meeting you at an arranged appointment. Contact: Ninon Friderich, Tel. +33 3 89 29 81 19