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Cheap geothermal heat and steam

You are working in chemistry ? food processing ? hydroponic agriculture ?
Your process requires heat or steam, and energy/fuel is a significant part of your production cost ?
Enhance your competitiveness by getting access to North alsace’s cheap geothermal heat / steam !

The specific geologic structure of North Alsace’s subsoil allow for the access to naturally heated underground water at a temperature of 170 °c . The Soultz pit  (pictured) produces power and heat right next to a 15-ha industrial zone ready for you. 2 additional zones will be developped around the future pits of Wissembourg and Lauterbourg. Like Roquette, a leading starch manufacturer who plugged its local factory to the geothermal grid, diminish and stabilize your energy costs, reduce your carbon emissions, and tackle your markets with a new level of competitiveness !

For more information, contact Olivier ECK / AAA / Mobile : +33 680 45 57 34

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