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Chemicals – Business development in Alsace with the support of the DOW group

Alsace is one of Europe’s leading regions for chemicals, with no fewer than 350 companies within its borders.

The presence and support of key accounts in the region and nearby facilitates the siting of new companies and the development of collaborative projects making use of industrial and environmental best practices.

Based at Lauterbourg and Drusenheim in Alsace, the DOW group can be a valuable partner for companies keen to set up in Alsace.

Support from the DOW group
In particular, companies wishing to expand in Alsace can receive support from DOW, whose business parks in Lauterbourg and Drusenheim enable them to provide sites in addition to industrial engineering, legal and environmental skills to help get any new project off to a good start.

Contact : Jean-Claude Hager / AAA / / + 33 6 72 07 60 99

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