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Expansion opportunity with the support of the SOLVAY Group in Europe

Ideal location in the triangle France-Germany-Switzerland for the processing of the French and / or European market.

The chemical SOLVAY platform located in the trinational French-German-Swiss Alsace region offers expansion opportunities in order to push your European business.

The platform already welcomes 4 companies (Solvay, Linde, Butachimie, Air Product).

What makes the platform unique ?

  • 50 ha available
  • Access to powerful energy sources (electricity, gas) ; two 225 kV power lines dedicated
  • Access to raw materials : chemical intermediates (nitric acid, ammonia) and polyamides ; access to substantial underground water reserve
  • Services to be shared : safety, environment and energy management, maintenance, company canteen)
  • French and German railway networks connected to the platform
  • Direct access to the Rhine Port and Rhine canal ; shuttle to the North Sea hubs
  • Close to the French and German high speed trains TGV and ICE ; 20 minutes drive to the trinational Basel/Mulhouse airport
  • Possible financial programs available
Further information

Contact : Jean-Claude Hager / / + 33 6 72 07 60 99

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