Be a key player in bringing new companies and businesses to Alsace

Simply put us in touch with a decision-maker at a company that may consider setting up for business in Alsace. We will present the advantages of our local area to the decision-maker. If the company chooses Alsace, you will receive a reward of up to €10,000 (see detailed conditions in the rules).

How does it work?

The Alsace Connectors is an innovative programme run by the Agence d’Attractivité de l’Alsace (AAA). It creates new jobs in the local area, with the help of the network of Alsatians and friends of Alsace living in other parts of France, and around the world.

What do you need to do? Give us the contact details of the decision-maker belonging to a company that wants to set up for business or develop in France or Europe, or with the potential to do so.

The AAA will provide a financial reward to people who help us attract new companies to our local area by giving us:

  • a new opportunity combined with a strategic contact,
  • a piece of information that turns out to be decisive for the realisation of a pending project.

After we have validated the opportunity, we will take care of introducing the company to the advantages of locating and developing in our local area.

If your proposal has been selected by our staff and the company sets up for business in Alsace, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the number of jobs created.

  • From 3 to 20 jobs – €2,000
  • From 21 to 50 jobs – €4,000
  • From 51 to 100 jobs – €7,000
  • More than 101 jobs – €10,000.

Thanks to you, the future of the Alsatian economy will be ensured. Your turn to play!

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