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Advanced Materials / Plastics

Alsace is home to more than 150 companies in the plastics sector. OEM’s in the region are  looking for innovative suppliers and partners for manufacturing technical parts and components in order to reduce the weight of their products.

Opportunities in industrial sectors

Plastics and advanced materials are key requirements by all major industries based in the Alsace region : automotive, railway, energy, building, …
The central location of the Alsace region in Europe allows companies to serve their main customers from a unique and cost effective position!

Concentrated research and innovation

Located at the heart of the European Golden Triangle for R&D, Alsace offers robust and concentrated scientific know-how. Alsace and its neighbor regions in Germany and Switzerland share one of the highest densities of laboratories and researchers in Europe in the advanced materials sector.

Two recent Nobel Prize laureates in chemistry (Pr. Lehn in 1987, Pr. Karplus in 2013) are still working at Strasbourg University.

In order to drive the development of new products based on new materials, the Alsatian partners have launched new development platforms –  such as  photo composite technologies – allowing companies and labs to work on collaborative innovation programs, including the recycling phase of products.

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Key industries : Advanced Materials / Plastics

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