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Biotech and Life Sciences

Located in the world renowned French-German-Swiss BioValley, Alsace is located at the heart of a tri-national network of excellence dedicated to pharma-biotech innovation.

A wealth of clients, subcontractors and partners to make your business a success

  • With numerous life sciences companies, Alsace is one of the leading and most dynamic regions in France in this sector. Highly regarded skills and expertise can be found throughout the drug development value chain providing the best environment to bring therapeutic innovations to the market as quickly as possible.
  • Alsace is home to major players in the industry, including large pharmaceutical companies, such as Lilly (the company’s largest manufacturing site), Novartis (bioproduction site), Sanofi Aventis, Daiichi Sankyo… biotech companies like Transgene, and a wealth of CROs and CMOs, such as Quintiles, Catalent, PolyPeptide Group, Recipharm… Alsace also hosts many start-up companies in the health sector which have decided to anchor their activity in the area to benefit from this unique environment.
  • Alsace is an integral part of the BioValley Cluster, one of the leading European Bio Clusters: more than 40% of the world leaders in pharma industry are located in this unique the tri-national area.
  • Foreign life sciences companies have picked Alsace for different activities ranging from Manufacturing, Headquarters, Clinical Trials, R&D or Business development


European Scientific excellence at its best

  • Alsace is among the largest scientific hubs in France and it ranks 1st in Chemistry. It is home to 2 universities, 12 grandes écoles, 250 laboratories and over 5 200 researchers, as well as an academic hospital and many specialized research institutes. Over time, many distinguished personalities have studied at the University of Strasbourg, including 17 Nobel Prize winners. Four of them are currently active members of the Alsatian scientific community. It is also a European center of excellence in biology, biotechnology, medicine and material physics.
  • Well-trained & available staff thanks to world renowned training facilities fully adapted to company needs… covering top research positions to lab technicians. With 44 000 students, 4600 teacher-researchers and staff, 37 training and research units…, the University of Strasbourg is a real asset for science-driven companies.
  • Major international scientific organizations, like the European Pharmacopeia, the European Science Foundation, the Human Frontier Science Program – HFSP, the Kastler Foundation… are all located in Strasbourg.

Very supportive infrastructure and business environment

  • A centralized TTO, SATT Conectus, facilitates company access to research.
  • A unique fiscal environment with the very competitive French R&D Tax Credit.
  • Outstanding infrastructure, numerous sophisticated high technology platforms and one of the most state-of-the-art hospitals in France. A dozen university hospital centers with international scope within a 200 km radius, well adapted to conduct clinical trials.
  • Real estate solutions catered to the bio-pharma industry
  • An incubator, SEMIA, dedicated to supporting project holders in their development. A large number of incubated companies are from the health sector.
  • A well-organized Cluster organization: Alsace BioValley, is identified by the French Government as one of the major Life Sciences clusters in France. It’s main focus in Therapeutic Innovations, including the Drug Development Sector as well as the Medical Device sector. It is driven by Healthcare companies, for Healthcare companies. The cluster offers companies a range of services including: funding assistance for collaborative R&D projects, coaching for fundraising, partner & client identification, customized relationship…

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Key industries : Biotech and Life Sciences

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