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Information Technologies

Located on the world’s 3rd largest data super highway, Alsace offers companies a complete & competitive digital environment.

Alsace was certified as a French Tech ecosystem in June 2015, with a special mention for its excellence in ICT linked to medical technologies and biotechnologies.

Alsace is also recognized for its know-how in ICT linked to Industry of the Future 4.0, efficient buildings and mobility.

World-class Infrastructure

Alsace hosts :
A public fiber optic network serving more than 200 business zones
A NetCenter and multiple data centers in Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse
A high density of international, national and regional telecom operators


A large network of partners and international events

Thriving companies

1,864 ICT companies – from SME’s to large international companies –  are located in Alsace and employs 13,800 people

Key ICT organizations to support your business

Alsace Digitale: Collaborative platform for co-working projects between IT professionals

Rhénatic: Cluster of one hundred ICT companies, it supports the development of its members and promotes the use of digital technologies and their benefits

Synthec Numérique: Professional chamber of ICT companies

Alsace has also developed cross-border collaborations, especially with the German clusters Cyber Forum, IT Forum & BW Con.

High level of traning programs and concentrated R&D

110 training programs dedicated to ICT are offered by the universities, and business and engineering schools in Alsace

Alsace and its border region is home to one of the highest densities of laboratories and researchers in Europe. Physics, computer science, imaging, robotics… ICT fields are at the heart of research in Alsace:

International ICT events

Some wellknown ICT events are held in Alsace:
Digital Hacking Health Camp
Geek on a Farm
Start-up Week-end
Ecole en Management de la Créativité

Alsace ICT ecosystem is certified French Tech

The French Tech certification aims to encourage the development of high growth potential digital start-ups in order to bring out future champions. This certification enables companies to have access to special funding and support for marketing and international promotion actions.

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Key industries : Information Technologies

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