They chose Alsace

With its diversified economy and business-friendly culture, Alsace is an attractive investment destination. Over 1200 foreign companies have already set up their french or european subsidiary in the beautiful north-eastern region of France. Entrepreneurs testify here, discover their stories.

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    April 23th 2014


    June 5th 2014

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    August 18th 2014


Verónica Pascual - ASTI (Spain)


ASTI, have chosen the region of Alsacia to establish their first subsidiary in Europe. This French region provides the best expanding opportunities, toward both German and Swish markets in addition to the relevant local industry.

The 4.0 industry offers ASTI as expert in technologies to optimize production through technology implantation, a vast range of opportunities with local industries and a way to centre Europe.

Thanks to the Agence d’Attractivité de l’Alsace (AAA) the implantation in the region has been extremely easy and perceived as the natural way to proceed. The assistance with regulatory procedures and the networking with the local businesses are going to make possible the aperture of this delegation in September.

ASTI CEO, Verónica Pascual, declares “it is a great opportunity to get positioned in a growing market with a relevant bet in technology”. Actually ASTI has installed more than 800 AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) in the region. These vehicles have been implemented to automate the internal logistics is companies such as: PSA, Faurecia, Renault Trucks, Grupo Aoste o Gefco.

Pierre HIMMELMANN - Elo digital

Having been active in France indirectly through partners for several years, ELO Digital Office GmbH, the producer of the document management system of the same name, set up a subsidiary in France in 2013

The location, Strasbourg, was chosen quite deliberately, due to its economic and innovative strengths, as well as its geographical, linguistic and cultural closeness to Germany.
It is much easier to find bilingual and trilingual employees here than in any other part of France.
Alsace International supported us very closely when setting up in France with advice and assistance, staff recruitment, business contacts and finding suitable offices.
Source: RA 2013

Costa Mandilaras - Crescendo Systems

Crescendo Systems is the Canadian leader in the field of software solutions for document management in hospital environments.

« Crescendo Systems has decided to create a subsidiary in Alsace, located at a key crossroads in the European markets. This will enable us to provide an effective long-term response to the increasing demand from clinics and hospitals for state-of-the-art document management technology. Why did we choose Alsace? Because of its strategic location in the heart of French and German speaking Europe and the possibility to draw upon a vast pool of highly qualified multilingual labour.
We have benefited from the support of the Agence d’Attractivité de l’Alsace (AAA), in particular for introductions to potential clients and networking with the region’s technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem ».
Costa Mandilaras, President of Crescendo Systems

Nicolas Schaltenbrand - QUINTILES (USA)

A Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialized in pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies, Quintiles is present in Alsace at the Innovation Park in Illkirch.

“Our firm assists laboratories in the development and registration of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products (Management of Clinical Projects, Clinical Operations, Biometry, Medical Affairs and Quality). At the heart of a European network for the pharmaceutical industry, the site in Strasbourg benefits from a high-quality scientific and technological environment, thus contributing to the development of the bio-pharmaceutical sector in Alsace.“
Nicolas Schaltenbrand,Country Manager France


Inxmail, German leader in e-mail based relationship marketing solutions, set up its subsidiary in Fessenheim

“The development of our business in France and the French market potential led us to establish a subsidiary in Alsace. We chose the Fessenheim incubator because this structure is well suited for the launching of our business. This location, while in the vicinity of our headquarters in Fribourg, also allows us to be closer to our numerous partners in Alsace.“

Jan Berggren - NEOVINI (Sweden)

NEOVINI is a company with Swedish origins specialized in software solutions applied to e-commerce, that decided to set up an R&D centre in Alsace

“Three factors were decisive. First, a dynamic ICT sector especially rich in research laboratories for projects. Secondly, an available qualified human expertise, from Alsatian and neighboring universities. Finally, the strategic location which gives access to the French as well as the German, Swiss and Southern European markets.“

Jan Berggren, Founder

Boris Sharov - DOCTOR WEB (Russia)

Doctor Web, a Russian leader in the development and commercialization of anti-virus software, has established its European headquarters in Strasbourg

“In addition to being a border region, which facilitates the recruitment of bilingual and trilingual ICT staff, Alsace is an international region with a dynamic economy and good accessibility. These were key factors for choosing Alsace. From these headquarters, we are considering initiating other European developments.“
Boris Sharov, CEO

Martin Turcotte - Odotrack

We have made the strategic decision to expand in Europe and have chosen Alsace as a business location for our commercial & development subsidiary.

“Firstly, we are convinced that the geographical position of Alsace, at the heart of our key European markets, and the Alsatians’ technical and linguistic skills are valuable assets.
Secondly, we have benefited from ALSACE INTERNATIONAL’s support which has perfectly guided us in our implementation process and opened all the doors we needed!“
Martin Turcotte, Chairman

Francis Lagier - WIENERBERGER

World leader for bricks and tiles, WIENERBERGER is located in Alsace on two production sites.

“Our construction solutions allow us to increase the thermal inertia of buildings and to reduce their energy consumption. Thanks to our multicultural team and its entrepreneurial spirit, our company keeps staying innovative by respecting the regional tradition of the terracotta while responding to the new norms of high environmental quality, especially for low consumption buildings and for indoor air quality.“
Francis Lagier, Director