Why Alsace ?

Best access to European market

At the heart of the world’s largest market, sitting right on the Franco German border, Alsace benefits from the best of France’s assets and comprehensive infrastructure, including its traditional access to the Middle-East and French-speaking African countries.

Heart of Europe

With Germany and France as N°1 and N°2 markets in Western Europe, Alsace’s location on the Franco-German border makes it the ideal springboard to tackle Europe’s business potential. The London-Milano axis, Europe’s backbone of industry, research, higher education and investment, runs right through it, offering easy access to customers, partners, financers and talent, within a radius of a few hours’ drive – or a short flight – encompassing a number of major cities such as Paris, Munich, Brussels, Milano, Zürich, Lyon, Frankfurt and many more. The Alsatian Advantage also includes central international logistics provided by the Rhine River, and easy communication thanks to the local people’s bilingual and bicultural heritage.

Best of France

Europe’s second largest economy is bound to outrank Germany in a few years thanks to its positive demographic trend. With leading positions in aeronautics, aerospace, nuclear, chemistry, food processing, and many other sectors, France is an industrial heavyweight and the world’s sixth exporter. 1/3 of French exports are generated by 20,000 foreign companies established locally and employing 2 million people, making France the N°1 FDI destination in the area.

Top quality higher education and research and Europe’s best performing R&D tax credit system fuel innovation in 71 groundbreaking innovation clusters and generate Europe’s 2nd – world’s 4th – level of new patents applications. Low operating costs – including Europe’s best prices for electricity and water, reduced red tape and intensive use of the internet to settle most procedures, from company creation to tax payment – all contribute to an efficient business environment. Historic and cultural ties with the Middle East and French-speaking African countries open further market opportunities to companies operating from their French base.

Comprehensive Infrastructure

With 2 European airports covering 100 direct regular flights, and 3 international hubs within 2 ½ hours travel, Alsace offers full access to Europe and the world.

Alsace also lies at the crossroads of major European road and rail connections, including 2 TGV lines. Since 2016, Strasbourg is at a 1h46mn’ train ride from Paris.

Located along the Rhine, Europe’s major commercial waterway, Alsace has 3 multimodal ports, directly connected to Rotterdam and Antwerp.