Why Alsace ?

Top education, scientific research and talent

Alsace provides easy access to a large labor pool of highly motivated, talented, well-educated and multilingual potential employees.

Higher education in the region is world-class, diversified and international. Alsace is also a known hotspot for science and research in Europe full of exceptional public institutes and labs, used to working and collaborating with the private sector

Higher Education

  • Alsace: a magnet for students

 High-quality education in Alsace has proven attractive to young people from all over France and the rest of the world. With more than 67,000 students(1), it ranks 2nd  in France after Paris for attracting foreign students .  Each year students from 150 countries come to Alsace to study.

Alsace offers a high-performance education system adapted to the needs of business with a complete array of high-level programs.

Getting the best from France, Germany and Switzerland: Alsace’s universities along with the universities of Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Basel, make up the EUCOR – The European Campus / European Confederation Upper Rhine Universities.  Students and trainees can take advantage of a variety of tri-national programs provided in the two neighbouring countries.

Universities: a large pool of skills

Two large multidisciplinary universities are based in Alsace. More than 50,000 students attend the two schools, of which more than 17% are foreigners.

  • The University of Strasbourg is the largest most comprehensive university in France (42,000 students) and one of the leading scientific universities in the country and in Europe due to its excellence in research and its educational offer. It offers a wide range of courses including: applied sciences, natural and technical sciences, social sciences, literature and languages, arts, sports, law studies (especially European law), management, political sciences, theology, communication and teaching school…
  • The University of Haute-Alsace (UHA) located in Mulhouse and Colmar, is multidisciplinary university offering programs strongly oriented towards the job market mainly through intensive training schemes focused on: exact sciences, human and social sciences, law studies, management and training schoola. It has an international focus, including programs with neighboring Germany and/or Switzerland.

Alsace –Tech : The network of higher education establishments (Grandes Ecoles) in engineering, management and architecture of Alsace

Alsace Tech brings together 14 grandes écoles (elite colleges) :

  • Twelve Alsace-based engineering schools
  • Strasbourg School of Management,
  • Strasbourg School of Architecture.

Admission to these schools is highly selective, while the courses are of a very high standard.

Admission to these schools is highly selective, while the courses are of a very high standard.

The network boasts over 7,500 students from 50 majors (including engineers, architects and managers), masters and PhDs.

Other training facilities of interest to the business community :

  • EASE, a unique bioprocess training center in Europe

The European Aseptic and Sterile Environment training center (EASE).

This innovative full-immersion training center was designed as a real factory, by and for manufacturers. Under real conditions, students will acquire specific skills such as good manufacturing practices and an in-depth knowledge of processes, techniques and constraints related to cleanroom work. This new infrastructure is mainly intended for the health-related industries but also for the chemistry sector or the food industry. The training center is scheduled to open in 2017.

  • The IEEPI, European Institute for Enterprise and Intellectual Property

Created by the French Ministry of industry and the French Patent Office (inpi), IEEPI develops the strategic use of intellectual property and trains managers in the IP field on the European level.

The institute offers training on strategic and managerial aspects of intellectual property (IP) for businesses, especially SMEs, public research organizations, universities and practitioners of IP.

The IEEPI is characterized by the high level of expertise of its stakeholders and its training program covering all topics related to the protection of innovation.

The location of the IEEPI in Strasbourg will foster the creation in the near future of a Center of Excellence in Intellectual Property (PCPI) internationally recognized in the field of training in intellectual property.

Scientific Research at its best

Alsace is among the largest scientific hubs in France and it ranks 1st in Chemistry. It is home to two prestigious universities, 12 grandes  écoles, 250 laboratories and over 5,200 researchers, as well as an academic hospital, and benefits from the strong presence of three national public research institutions: CNRS, INSERM, and INRA.

Alsace’s research also thrives on the presence of world-renowned institutes such as IGBMC, one of Europe’s leading centers for Research in Biomedicine, IRCAD leader in research and training in minimally invasive surgery, ISIS, a unique site for multidisciplinary research… among many others. As a center of excellence in biology, biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, material physics, and space science, Alsace is also active in the development of social sciences.

The University of Strasbourg was founded in the 16th century and over time many distinguished personalities have studied there, including 17 Nobel Prize winners. Recent Awards and achievements of the University of Strasbourg include:

  • 5 Nobel Prize Laureates :

– 4 in Chemistry: Martin Karplus (2013), Richard Schrock (2005), Jean-Marie Lehn ( 1987) and Jean-Pierre Sauvage (2016)
– 1 in Medicine: Jules Hoffmann (2011)

  • 1 Fields Medal : René Thom
  • 3 CNRS Gold medals (French National Centre for Scientific Research) : Jules Hoffmann (2011), Jean-Marie Lehn (1981) and Pierre Chambon (1979)
  • Founding member of LERU (League of European Research Universities) and of EUCOR network (European Confederation of the Superior Rhine Region)
  • Certified Excellence Initiative (IdEx) by the national program “Investissement d’Avenir”, the University of Strasbourg actively continues to reinforce its position as an internationally attractive university. In this framework the University of Strasbourg implements innovative projects that foster excellence, and support researchers and students.

The second Alsatian university, University of Haute Alsace, is heir to a long tradition of scientific and technical innovation based on a synergy between research, industry and education. Since its creation in 1975, it nurtures a special relationship with the industrial sector with research organized around three areas:

  • Chemistry, Physics, Materials and Environment
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Human and Social Sciences

Easy access for companies to public research

A centralized Technology Transfer Office, SATT Conectus, facilitates company connections to public research in Alsace. Services include a single entry point to access:

  • Well-defined research collaborations
  • Ready-to-use patents adapted to the requirements of the market
  • Technology transfer opportunities
  • Technology platforms


Alsace is a place where great minds meet. Join us!!!!

Alsace is among the top regions in France in attracting international students. The scientific community in Alsace has a long tradition in welcoming top researchers in their labs.

Companies also attract talented personnel from all over the world. In the coming months, Alsatian companies representing 80,000 management positions will be hiring at least 3,000 additional staff.

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