Why Alsace ?

Unique Franco-German competence

France and Germany, the French and the German speaking markets, constitute the largest chunk of Western Europe’s market. Make good use of Alsace’s talents and networks to develop your market share!

The Bulk of the European Market

Both by sheer size and economic wealth, Germany is by far Europe’s N°1 market. France comes second, with a demographic trend that will see it overtake its neighbor by 2030. In other words, Germany and France make up the core of Europe’s market, for consumer goods, reaching out to 150 million people, as well as for industrial goods and equipment, feeding the demand of the vast majority of Europe’s manufacturing base. Alsace’s location and cultural background make it a perfect base for tackling that market!

People are the Secret

Alsace’s people combine the best of their 2 cultures: work ethics and corporate loyalty, flair and creativity. A winning combination resulting in outstanding productivity levels. Widespread use of a Germanic dialect and bilingual Franco-German education allow thousands of Alsatians to commute daily to Germany or Switzerland, work in one of the hundreds of German, Austrian or Swiss companies established locally, or service customers in 2 or 3 languages in shops, restaurants or administrations. Numerous non-European companies are making good use of those qualities by having both markets managed by their same local employees.

Transnational Networks

A traditional hub of Franco-German business, Alsace has developed an extensive network of professional service providers specializing in bi-national / bi-cultural support: legal advising, marketing and distribution, finance and accounting, human resources and recruitment, transport and logistics, they’re all here to make Alsace your 2-in-1 package for the European market !